The most expensive cupcakes ever …

Cupcakes, while definitely brought back to popularity by the ladies of Sex and the City, have always been a power player at the dessert table.

Sometimes called fairy cakes due to their dainty size, they can be covered in a rich, thick buttercream. Other times, they are hollowed out and filled with luscious curd or pastry cream. But no matter what form they take, cupcakes always have their place. Miniature-sized cakes mean you can eat more of them in tons of different flavors. And of course, every time something becomes popular, someone has to take it and upscale it beyond belief. Cupcakes have been studded with diamonds, dripping in gold and filled with expensive, high-end ingredients. They are no longer a thing for children. Cupcakes are serious business.


most expensive cupcakes

When Food Network does something, they do it right. Their Luxe Gold cupcake is filled with peach and champagne jam and has a dollop of buttercream made with Chateau Yquem. It’s also wrapped in 24 carat gold leaf and is guarded by a velvet rope and personal body guard. Considering it is values at $1,227.70, we cannot say we blame them!